PCs and Remote Screens for Grand Prix

Boat PCs

PCs for use on board should be designed to run on a 12 to 24 volt power supply. PCs with a solid state hard drive have the advantages of reducing power consumption and by the elimination of moving parts, being more robust. Other PCs must be fitted with an industrial standard hard drive. A range of 12-volt colour screens is available.

Minimum PC Requirements

  • Processor speed of 1.5 MHz +
  • 2 Gb + of RAM (in general, processor speed is less important than RAM). Note: for Vista a minimum of 2 Gb of RAM is required
  • Screen resolution SVGA (800 x 600 pixels +)
  • For preference a 12 volt charger or, alternatively, an inverter
  •  A serial port converter will be necessary for most PCs; the recommended model is Manhattan's Model 205146

Deck Screens

Seatrack can provide a variety of WiFi touch screens for use on deck, such as iPads and other similar devices that are Windows-based.  They are linked to a PC down below that they control from on deck besides acting as a slave screen.  Prices range from £150 to £1,500 and above.

Other Remote Screens

Seatrack can also provide screens for use at the chart table that can either be run on 12 volts (as an alternative to a power-hungry 240 volt system) or be run directly from USB ports on the PC.