Grand Prix - Sail Chart

Seatrack’s Sail Chart function indicates optimum sail selection for the current and subsequent legs.  The range for each sail is provided initially by the sailmaker and may be fine-tuned subsequently in the light of practical experience.

Sail Chart screen showing with the + symbol that for the current leg (to Lymington Bank) the Heavy No 1 or, possibly, the Medium No 1 are the optimum choices; and with the x symbol that for the subsequent leg (to Hamstead) the 0.75 oz. AP is the optimum choice.  The two curved lines are the upwind and downwind target angles

The Sail Chart function displays all of the sails in the yacht’s wardrobe, showing each sail’s range in terms of wind angles and wind speeds.  In Sail Mode, only the possible sail choices for the current and next leg are displayed.