Grand Prix - Virtual Instruments

Seatrack’s Virtual Instruments function enables selected navigational, tactical  and performance information to be displayed in either digital or analogue formats.  This can be transmitted to a PDA, so that it is available on deck.

The image shows six virtual instruments (Next Leg AWA, Next Leg AWS, Target Speed, Target Angle, True Wind Direction, True Wind Speed) overlaid on a chart


The Virtual Instruments to be displayed can be selected from a total of 44 different data items.  These include, for example:

  • Next leg apparent wind angle
  • Tidal set
  • Next leg apparent wind speed
  • Tidal rate
  • Course to steer
  • True wind speed
  • Range to waypoint
  • True wind direction
  • Bearing to waypoint
  • Target speed
  • Header / Lift
  • Target Angle