British Soldier, an A40 skippered by Nick Bate, equipped with Seatrack Grand Prix, on her way to winning IRC2 in the RORC Caribbean 600

What the Owners Say

Our first championship success of the season - we used Seatrack and it soon became clear that it helped a lot.  Although in the critical few seconds before the starting signal a Swan 42 masked us from the line itself, by using Seatrack's Start Line function we  got to within 0.2 boat's length of it and crossed in clear air with clear water ahead.  This made a huge difference to our success in defending our champion's title.
Gerhard Elscot , Team Redan
I credit the accuracy and intuitiveness of Seatrack's navigation and tactical software for our excellent performance.  I heartily recommend Seatrack to other serious amateur skippers.
Jim Vaudreuil , Zig Zag
I just wanted to say thanks for the latest updates to Seatrack.  We used all the latest upgrades for the Round the Island last weekend - the new Start Line screen helped us to push to within a boat's length of the line at the start, whilst the Nav section was especially useful when passing between the wreck and the Needles Lighthouse!  Then the Sail Selection chart 'told' us that we could use our 4A on the leg to St Catherines and we made huge gains there by hoisting earlier than the rest of the fleet.  Last, but certainly not least, the Performance & Tactical Data Analysis has allowed us to refine the polars and to see where we can improve performance for the next regatta.
Kevin Sproul , Shmoking Joe

Regarding Seatrack – from my perspective it's a race winner. Thank you.  I've seen it develop over the years and I wouldn't race without it.  It is simple to use and does all I need in terms of all those complicated calculations with tide, bearings/nav, polars and weather – the sort of thing we tried (laboriously) to do maybe once an hour about 20 years ago is now done by your programme every second, with much greater precision.  I mentioned some years ago that if I had to choose between taking a No 2 jib or Seatrack, I'd take the latter.  That view hasn't changed – its an essential part of the yacht's inventory if you want to win.

Nick Bate, British Soldier

I was really impressed with Seatrack during Cowes Week.  I mostly used the tactical screen to identify the range and bearings to the marks, as well as the apparent wind for the next leg.  The apparent wind for the next leg was really reliable, even with a plethora of wind shifts throughout the races.   I had also configured the handicap screen and found this especially useful when on one occasion we took steps to free ourselves from a tacking battle because we knew that the other boat gave us so much time.  Adding a laid windward mark proved no problem at all and I'm sure this gave us an advantage over the leg.

Despite Jackeroo being brand new - 'straight out of the box' so to speak - we had a great set of results over the week including four 3rd's and finishing 4th overall. I am absolutely sure that Seatrack played a large part in this.

Jim Dick, Jackaroo
In my opinion Seatrack is as good as you would ever need, with excellent support for racing tactics and race planning from start line to the finish, as well as a great sailing display to help you reach fast decisions.   To top this you can also get excellent and knowledgeable support from the supplier, and free video tutorials.   Everything you need to get up on that winner's podium …..

Russ Altendorff
As a two times Volvo Ocean Race veteran, I realise how vitally important it is to have the very best racing software.    I therefore strongly recommend Seatrack Grand Prix to all who aspire to success at the top level of racing.   It is simple to use, even in rough weather, and has unique features not found on other systems that can give a decisive competitive edge.
Johny Poortman, Volvo Ocean Race veteran 

The JOG races over the Easter weekend were our first using Seatrack in anger and we were keen to put it through its paces.  A mid-fleet result on the race to Cherbourg left us wondering if we had placed enough trust in the routing.
For the race back to Cowes we were determined to make best use of the software.  With light winds forecast to back from North to West over the day combined with spring tidal streams, the timing of our tack onto port was critical.  We resisted the temptation to cover other Class 4 boats heading West and placed our trust in Seatrack as it persistently suggested we tack towards the North-East.  The call was spot-on as we approached Ventnor with the tide under us, rounding Bembridge with a number of Class 3 boats in sight.

Seatrack proved itself as the third member of our two-handed crew, quietly recommending the optimum route and always reminding us when we were off the pace.  Result – our first "bullet" for the season and smiles that are hard to wash off.

Richard Palmer & Jeremy Wait, Jangada Too

Having used Seatrack for over seven years, I can vouch for it being a ‘must have’ tool in your armoury. Just as selecting the right spinnaker is crucial, knowing how long you have on each tack until the next mark ensures accurate navigation and good fleet positioning. 

Whether it is calling the layline across a big tidal stream, navigating around Solent Banks or weather routing offshore, Seatrack is for Winners!

Tim Harrington, Vortex

Seatrack is the first race software I have purchased. I decided on Seatrack Grand Prix as the Start Line screen looked especially useful and the software does everything else I require.  Most importantly, I felt the level of support I would get from Peter and his team would be far better and more personalised than that of the bigger software vendors.  This has certainly proved to be the case.

Peter has been extremely helpful in teaching us how to get the most from the software and the PC set-up as well discussing and undertaking upgrades and improvements to the software that we might require in subsequent releases.
 I would very much recommend Seatrack.
Tony Dickin, Manaru